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Win A Sumo Sultan with!


  Hey Sumo Lovers! With the help of and the new release of Homefront: The Revolution, you will have a chance to win a Free Sumo Sultan in Suede!  Pay attention for future updates and to find out how to win! Good luck to you all!

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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Extra Life United!


Hey Sumo Lovers! The wonderful and generous Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are hosting this year’s  Extra Life United in Orlando Florida from Feb  23-26th!  We at Sumo are going to be there and support them in any way we can and we hope our amazing customers will do the same!   Check out the details for the event and how to sign up HERE!

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Support Gamecon 3.0, Sumo Lounge Will Be There!


  Hey Sumo Lovers!   Sumo Lounge is going to supporting this year’s Gamecon at the Cooley Ballrooms!  We hope to see all of you there!   Give your support to this amazing event on their FB page HERE!

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Fadecon Live Twitch Stream!


  Hey there Sumo Lovers! Join the great team behind Fadecon and Sumo Lounge this year at Fadecon!  For those of you stuck at home this year no worries!  Fadecon now has a live stream going at! Check out this amazon con at  and show them your support!

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Master The Future Of Bean Bags With APHnetworks!


  Hey Sumo Lovers! APHNetworks has just given us the most detailed review I have ever seen.  It has helped our team here at Sumo get a great idea of what our larger chairs really do for our amazing customers!  Give your support to APHNetworks and visit their website   Check out what they had to say HERE!

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  Hey Sumo Lovers! We want to thank the very talented Ferry Groenendijk for his amazing review of our Sumo Gamer in Suede and his honest opinion!  It makes such a huge impact on us when we see our own heroes and idols appreciate the products we make! Check out Ferry’s review HERE!

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Sumo Lounge In Death And Taxes Holiday Gift Guide!


  We want to thank for including Sumo Lounge in this years Holiday Gift Guide!  It is a great honor to be recognized by this group as a source for great holiday presents! Check out their detailed list HERE!

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Nintendo World Report’s Civilized Review For A More Civilized Age!


  Neal Ronaghan from has reviewed one of our Sumo Lounge chairs in the past!  This new review is a rare look at what our loyal Sumo Lovers think about our product from a very young age to a more mature age!  Check our Neal’s new mature outlook on our product HERE!   Give Neal and your full support!

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Techradar Has Done It Again!


Techradar has done it again!  This time while reviewing the Hyundai Tucson (which fared better in trunk space than the Kia Optima) they once again illustrated the trunk space using on of our Gigantors (as seen below)! Check out their review and give them your full support HERE!

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Sumo Lounge, Zimbio’s Choice For Best Christmas Present 2015!


  Zimbio has chosen Sumo Lounge as the best Christmas present for 2015!  We want to thank them for their kind and honest opinion of our chairs and their amazing review! Check out what they had to say about us HERE!

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