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Lakota From Emily Reviews… Reviews Our Omni Plus!


  Lakota, one of the writers for the blog, has just reviewed our Omni Plus!  It seems to have livened up her living room, Check out what she had to say HERE!  

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The Greatist is the Greatist!


  Jeff Cattel, a member of the Greatist, has just given a review of what he thinks of our chair! Sadly, he was unable to put it up on their site, but he left an amazing review for us HERE!  The review is also below! Everywhere I turn, I find another story that tells me how bad it is to sit all day at work. “Sitting is the new smoking,” these stories declare. That statement is extreme, but I get the point. It comes down to simple physics—a body in motion stays in motion. And as an editor at Greatist, … Continue reading The Greatist is the Greatist!

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Let’s All Cuddle Up With Bloody Disgusting!


  Bloody Disgusting has cuddled up to one of Sumo’s favorites, the Sway Couple!  Check out the bloody condition of their chair HERE!  Which by the way, doubles as a great zombie repellent.. or so I am told… because of the … stuff, yeah…. don’t quote me on that…  

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Have A Relaxing College Experience With Sumo!


  Heading to college next semester? Don’t know how to make it an easier more relaxing experience?  Look no further!  Android Authority has just put out a blog post detailing exactly what you need for a relaxing, efficient and even fun experience the coming year in College!  Check it out HERE! If you are too lazy to read today no worries! You can check out the video they made about it down below!  Sumo’s benefits are mentioned on 6:15!  Or check out Android Authority original youtube video HERE!    

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Nerf War With Sumo!


  Are you into action?  Nerf guns?  Being hit in the face with a Sumo Lounge bean bag chair?  Than you have come to the right place!  The PDK Films team has just put up their own personal ware with all that and then some!  Check them out below!  Or go to their youtube channel HERE!  

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You Go GoNintendo!


  I really want to thank the amazing guys at GoNintendo.  They really went all out and gave the most amazing and detailed review I have ever seen!  Support these amazing guys by going to their website You can check out their awesome review HERE!  

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Yoonie Loves Our Sultan!


  We want to thank the entertaining and gorgeous Yoojin Bae so much for reviewing the Sumo Sultan bean bag chair! She was kind enough to put up a video on youtube on her channel about her thoughts on the chair!  You can check out the video HERE!   Thank you so much Yoonie for taking the time to give us your opinion on the the Sultan!

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Another One Of Our Wonderful Customers At Sumo!


  We have another amazing customer with Sumo that put up a twitter post about their chair and cat!  Thank you Marceline!     Hagrid has discovered the joys of @SumoBeanBag — Marceline (@marcyjcook) August 29, 2015

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Our Wonderful Customers at Sumo!


  This is why we do what we do.  These two amazing people are just two of many examples of satisfied and happy customers.  These are the people that brighten my day and make it worth while to come to work in the morning.   This is an awesome man named Bryan whom was so happy with our Sultan suede that not only did he send us a picture of his dog enjoying his new chair, but he was more than willing to put up a review for us as well on our product page HERE!   According to Bryan he is … Continue reading Our Wonderful Customers at Sumo!

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The BlogTo Contest is Officially OVER!

download (1)

    Hey there Sumo Lovers and BlogTo fans.  I am sorry to say this, but the contest is officially over…  We can no longer take submissions because we have chosen our lucky three that will receive a free Omni chair!  Those lucky three will be receiving an email today with the subject “BlogTO’s Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair Winner!” so keep an eye out, you may very well be a winner!   Thank you to all that entered and I wish you the best of luck next time!

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