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Coming soon to PS Nation


The awesome guys at PS Nation were once again awesome by mentioning our awesome chairs in a tweet today! @D_Hunt relaxing in the Titanium Bean Bag from @SumoBeanBag. Look for a review on @PSNation coming soon. — Angela Hunt (@anndwh) July 4, 2015   The awesome tweet by these awesome guys is a preview for latest review coming up from PS Nation for our Titanium bean bag chairs! Thank you PS Nation, we look forward to seeing what you have to say

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Sumo will be at SGC 2015!


  We here at Sumo are huge fans of Screwattack, so how could we not support them this year at SGC in Frisco, Texas July 17th-19th.     We will be sending this amazing team a ton of chairs this year! More info to come later, for now check these guys out at Hope to see you there!

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The Omni at Geek Dad’s time has come!


  It is time to learn the fate of this honorable Omni! Check it out here!    

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PS Nation Rules!


The awesome guys at PS Nation are getting ready to try out one of our awesome chairs and these guys are so awesome that they went ahead and let us know how awesome we are before they even got the awesome chair!   Gotta give some props to the crew at @SumoBeanBag They've been so great to work with over the last few years! — PlayStation Nation (@PSNation) June 25, 2015   That is just Awesome!

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Goober Media goes to war


    An epic battle begins, a war that will end all wars.  It will end in nothing, but bloodshed… The victor? Well they would win a Sumolounge bean bag chair…     To the victor go the spoils!  Find out which pint sized warrior will end up with the prize.

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Observe the wild Splattercat


    Here we see the wild let’s player Splattercat in his natural habitat.  Witness as he chills on his new Gigantor.  I think this big kitty is going down for his daily afternoon nap.  

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Shannirant reviews the Sumo Sultan


  This is what Shannirant had to say about us!   For the last couple of months we’ve been discussing getting furniture that did not leave a person feeling like a human pretzel in need of a chiropractor. Spending hours trying to find a replacement left me feeling like Goldie Locks. The vast majority of furniture was either too small, too hard, too flimsy or too overpriced. We came to the conclusion a bean bag chair would fit our needs perfectly. I spent hours researching the various sizes, materials, colours and prices looking for the best bean bag. The local department … Continue reading Shannirant reviews the Sumo Sultan

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Coming Soon To Geek Dad


This Omni is in its final resting place as it awaits to be reviewed by Michael Harrison from Geek Dad.  Let us bow our heads in respect for the glorious honor this chair shall be bestowed.

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Much Music Video Awards 2015


Hey Sumolovers, This year Sumolounge will be furnishing the artists lounge of the MMVA’s with Ultimate Fur Gamer bean bag chairs.     The MMVA’s are an annual award show held in Toronto. Ontario. Canada.  MMVA viewers are encouraged to visit the website to vote for the Fan Fave category which includes Video, Artist or Group, and International Artist or Group.   The awards are being presented by great actor/actresses, musical artists, supermodel, etc..  such as: Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, Gigi Hadid, Light, Bella Thorn, and many many more. Check out the event at   We will see you there!!

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Nylon Magazine

Nylon Cover

Nylon Magazine has once again included Sumolounge in their amazing magazine for women and we couldn’t be more grateful for helping us reach out to our female consumers. Thank you again Nylon for your continued support of Sumolounge’s bean bag chairs!

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